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Collect and organize anything! This tool (which also has an app for the iPad) allows you to bookmark and save URLS, notes, screenshots, pictures, and more, and then access them from any computer connected to the internet! Also, teachers can set up groups for their students to organize and share resources, as well as to collaborate and communicate in the Diigo group space.


Diigo Created Overview TutorialsDiigo Help Modules
Importing Bookmarks to Diigo from your Internet browser
FAQ About Teacher Accounts in Diigo
Set up a teacher account in Diigo here!
Information about student accounts in Diigo


Diigo introduction, toolbar
Diigo Saving, Searching, Highlighting and Sticky Notes
Diigo Groups and Classes


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This tool allows you to sync information you save between your phone, tablet device and/or computer – websites, emails, photos, and more!

Evernote Tutorials


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Scoop-it Tutorial


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eduClipper - Getting Started with Assignment Portfolios from AdamBellow on Vimeo.

Google Collections

Zuni Learning Tree

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